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As The Book Worm Turns

Looks like a lot of the people who used be against me when I would complain about fake reviews and ratings on Gramazon seem to be on the same page with me now.  


Linda Hilton seems to actually be on a crusade against Fiverr reviews on Gramazon and seems to be getting some response from GR but as usual Amazon is still in denial and unresponsive.


Good work Linda.  


I have discovered that the Amazon vine voice reviews are also paid. In direct violation of Amazon's own policy.


Yet the hypocrisy over at Gramazon still prevails.  They will delete reviews by reviewers who have been paid to do a review and have actually read the book while they continue with the corrupt policy to allow member who have not bought or read a book to post a review. 


One has to wonder how many complaints to the FTC it's gonna take before they take action against GR for policies that encourage members to defraud consumers with false testimonials for products they have neither bought or used.